Taylor CNS Senior 2012

I came to Craig Furze Photography because my older sister came to you and we loved her photos. The session was fun and energetic and I loved the different angles that you took of me. I really liked the park we went to right by your studio. My favorite photo is the close up of me against the tree because I just love the background. Everybody loves the photos and thinks they are amazing. I would advise any seniors to go to you. My experience with you was 5 out of 5 stars :)

Taylor Fleming CNS

I asked Beth to pick out her one favorite image from her wedding.

You're funny: my ONE favorite photo. Clearly I have over 400 favorites!!! But if I had to pick I would choose the one where all of us are making muscles because my niece is showing off her guns and it makes me laugh. It's such a funny moment that was captured and clearly everyone is having a good time. What I like about the posed photos is that they don't really feel posed. It looked like we were just being silly and you caught us.

Syracuse Wedding

My second favorite is the one of Greg and I under my veil for exactly the same reason: we were having a moment and there just happens to have been a picture taken of it.

Syracuse Weddings Vail Children

My third favorite is the one of me and my two nieces under my veil because it makes me cry every time I think of it. They were so loving right then and the photo is beautifully taken. So, in short, my problem is that there are so many fantastic pictures it is hard to choose just one that is my favorite.

"I have to tell you that we have some friends (we went to nine weddings this year) who are not happy with the way their pictures came out. In fact, one said she only liked a grand total of four pictures her photographer took. I am thankful to say that I'm not sure I could come up with four I don't like.


Thank you so much.Beth Alton"

Franklin Square

Thank you so much! THE PICTURES LOOK AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! You guys did a great great great job! and thank you so much for putting them up on Facebook! that was an awesome idea! and thevideo you made was so great! Ryan watches it multiple times a day at work! I just can’t thank you enough! I can’t wait to see the rest! People can't say enough about them.

You really have a gift!

Thanks again!

Casey & Ryan Mahoney

" I love this picture because it showed absolutely how happy we are together. I would recommend Craig Furze Photography to every bride or for that matter any occasion you might have. Craig Furze is extremely professional, very easy to work with, and with the confidence he showed he made our day magnificent as we did not have to worry about how our pictures were going to turn out. As we have our final product we have beautiful pictures to remember how wonderful our day was."



Jennifer Harvey

Weddings at Embassy Suites

Having Craig Furze of Craig Furze Photography as out photographer was one of the best decisions I made in the planning of our wedding. From the first time I met with him I could tell he was passionate about his work, and that he would truly be able to capture this momentous time in my life. Once he became our photographer it was as if he had no other clients, the amount of time and energy he put into our wedding. From the engagement shots to the actual day of our wedding his pictures captured the every emotion leaving us with the greatest gift of all, the tangible memory of our crossing into life as husband and wife.

Thank you Craig Furze for everything you did for us. You will always be our number one recommendation.


Candace and Matthew Werder


Double Tree Inn

Planning a wedding is no simple undertaking. While we were planning our wedding, we really had no idea where to start when it came to photography. After some searching we came across Craig Furze Photography’s website. Craig Furze returned our phone call and we set up a meeting. His work was impeccable. We really enjoyed working with him from start to finish. From our engagement photos to our wedding pictures and album, Craig has continually impressed us with his beautiful work and creative vibe.

It was a pleasure working with someone so open to our ideas and committed to creating photographs and a wedding album that would represent us and our eclectic style. We would recommend Craig Furze Photography to any couple planning their upcoming wedding. It was a rewarding experience.


Chris and Megan Perrault

Father Daughter Dance


Pick one of my favorite photos? This was a hard one because I love so many of my photos. I think one of my favorites would have to be the one of my dad and I. Its something I can treasure for the rest of my life. Its not a forced picture its just a natural relaxed picture of my dad and I. Again thank you for the great picturesI love them all and I tell everyone who did them.:)

Erin C. Houppert-Singer