Senior Ambassador Information

How It Works


Every ambassador will have their indoor senior portraits taken in March and April, with an opportunity to have outdoor photographs taken in May or early June. As an added bonus, each ambassador also receives an "Add a Friend Session.”

At the time of your indoor session, we will schedule a time for you to come in for your PRIVATE VIEWING APPOINTMENT. At your private screening, you will view the images from your session and they will be put into your Image Book for you to take home and show your friends.

When you pick up your Image Book, you will receive 48 wallet cards with your name, our studio name, and our studio phone number on each of them. They are your ambassador business cards, which are a way for you to earn credit toward your senior portrait order as well as $20 cash and other great stuff!


Your goal will be to hand out all of your cards to your friends in the class of 2014. As cards are redeemed you get to earn cash and lots of really cool gifts.


For every referral a model refers to Craig Furze Photography who becomes a client you will receive: $20 cash and 5% off of your print order (up to 50%, equal to 10 referrals). The model who makes the most referrals (min 10) will receive a $250 gift certificate to Abercrombie and Fitch!


On August 18, 2013 we will count the total number of cards you had redeemed. For the cards to qualify, each referred senior must be photographed and placed their order. Beyond the ninth card, any additional cards will make you eligible for one the Grand Prizes.


Benefits of Being a Senior Ambassador for Craig Furze Photography

1. You get awesome photos you and your friends are going to love.

2. Free "Art Session” (a value of $125).

3. An "Image Book” (Free with 5 referrals).

4. 48 free wallets (an $80 value).

5. $20 for each photo business card that is presented at time of booking a session.

6. For each referral you will receive 5% off of your print order (up to 50%, equal to 10 referrals)

7. Your referrals receive 30% off the session fee, 16 free wallets and 10% discount on any print order.

8. A digital slide show perfect for uploading to your Facebook page (a $50 value).

9. A chance to for you to be featured on our web site, and Facebook advertisements.

10. 5 Free stamped images to post on your MySpace and Facebook.

11. Ambassadors who refer 20 or more seniors receive $300 cash as an additional thank you.

How do My Friends Benefit?


Each person that uses one of your ambassador business cards will receive 16 free wallets of one of the poses that they are already ordering from, and 30% off the session fee and 10% discount on any print order. They will also have the opportunity to take advantage of summer specials on our sessions.

Business cards must be presented by the student at the time of their session. Only one card may be used by each student. Expires August 18, 2013.


How do Sessions Work?


Every ambassador will have a complimentary "Art Session” before April 28, 2013. The "Art Session” includes 4 outfits that will be done at your indoor session. Your fifth outfit of your Art Session is the outdoors, which will be done in May or June.


What is an Image Book?


The Image Book from your session WILL BE LOANED to you until you come back to place your order. The Image Book is your tool to show your friends and classmates what Craig Furze Photography is all about. In order to take your Image Book home with you, a deposit of $125 is required. The initial payment will go toward your portrait order. If you turn in 5 referrals the image book is yours to keep.




If you would like to purchase your Image Book, you can when you place your order. Depending upon the package you select you may even be able to get your Image Book for free! You will also need to schedule a time to place your order when you pick up your Image Book. This will be done at your private viewing appointment.


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