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Our service goes beyond the photography and really emphasizes the importance of the client / photographer relationship. Our goal is to capture the story of your wedding in an unobtrusive manner. You will find us fun, creative and energetic with a focus on getting "the shot”, as we specialize in a documentary style of photography combined with creative portraits. Many Parents have said that they hardly noticed us at the reception.

We love to photograph weddings. It gives me such a great feeling of pride to know that I can capture one of the most important days of a couple's life together. That I can capture the start of a new family. The images I take will be cherished for a long time to be shown to their family and children in the years to come.

When you book us for your wedding photography you will get me Craig Furze as your photographer, we never use associate photographers to capture one of the most important days of your life. And we only do 15 to 20 weddings per year so you will receive the individual attention that you deserve.

For more information please fill out our inquiry form. I suggest we get together to chat so we can discuss your day and determine if we can be the perfect photography team for your wedding. Availability changes rapidly, so in order to secure your wedding date a signed contract and deposit is required.

What to expect before, during and after your wedding

Initial chat —The goal of the initial chat is to discuss your wedding day specifics, questions, and concerns. This is also an opportunity to become familiar with our photography style, philosophy, workflow and most importantly, our personalities. Sample albums and art books will be available to show examples of final products.

2nd Photographer —I prefer to use a 2ndphotographer for my weddings. The photographer I use is himself a professional photographer and like myself has his own photography studio. Two wedding photographers can shoot from two different angles or locations—they can literally be in two places at once, to capture all the action. For instance, during the ceremony, one may be up in the balcony shooting a wide-angle view, while the other is near the altar getting a close-up shot of the bride’s eyes tearing up. Two wedding photographers may also shoot from two different perspectives, even if shooting the same scene. One might tell the overall story while the other is shooting an artistic detail of the same story. Having two skilled photographers can allow many more details of your wedding to be captured. A wedding photography teamcan also be good insurance in case a guest steps in front of one photographer or a camera fails during a critical moment—there will still be another professional ready for action.

Engagement Session —The engagement session is a great way to get used to being photographed and comfortable with me and my shooting style. During the session a variety poses, looks, and expressions will be used to help me determine how to capture your true personalities. This knowledge will extend to your wedding day, ensuring your satisfaction with the final picture story of your wedding day. The engagement session usually lasts 1.5 – 2 hours depending upon location, lighting, and weather.

Pre-Wedding Consultation —It is important we know the exact itinerary and timeline of your wedding day. As a standard practice, an information form is completed, providing arrival times, addresses, names of the important wedding party members, and a list of all special photographs you are expecting. We are in the business of telling your wedding day story through our photography and capturing those moments, so it is essential for us to anticipate your day’s events to properly capture the moments.If we have yet to photograph your venue, we are more than happy to go over the location with you to learn more about your own vision of the day.

Wedding Day —On your big day our goal is to focus our full attention on capturing every moment. To accomplish this we arrive early, and allow time for setup so as to not miss a single second. We also coordinate with the function manager or wedding planner to make certain everything runs smoothly.

Album Design- We work closely with our couples to create something unique as they are. We offer hundreds of customization options and nothing ever goes to print until our couple is totally in love with it. You will receive an initial design of the album on line for you to review and approve.You will receive an initial design of the album on line for you to review and approve.

What are pros and cons of hiring a larger retail studio VS an independent photographer?


Whereas larger retail photography studios may employ a staff to regiment and streamline production, independent wedding photographers will cater to the individual needs of their clients, which may limit their time and only permit them to capture a limited amount of weddings each season. An independent wedding photographer regards their consultation time as valuable moments to engage and learn about the objectives of their clients, straying from providing amalgamated coverage of their event and instead personalizing the objectives in order to execute to their client’s desires.



As often illustrated with larger retail wedding photography studios employing numerous staff photographers, you may never meet your photographer until the day of your wedding. With an independent wedding photographer you will naturally meet them right away, allowing you to measure your level of compatibility immediately.



Larger retail studios systematically use an opportunity to cut costs by providing a company spokesperson or sales representative whose responsibility it is to meet with every client and provide them a generalized code of conduct, a universal task/shot list and other common objectives that their assigned photographer must pledge to demonstrate. While larger retail studios may also receive discounts from product manufacturers for producing such high volume sales which aids in keeping their prices aggressive, independent photographers offer competitive industry standard rates based on their merit while striving to provide the best quality products and services for the amount of time not divisible amongst a staff, whereby shooting fewer events per year and hence providing a more personalized, prompt performance. An independent wedding photographer may offer to discount their services based on a given time period such as an off-peak seasons event or a Friday or Sunday service. Larger retail studios however rely on a constant price structure which is as low as they’re typically willing to go based on a system driven on volume, whereby not allowing clients to bargain for discounts and/or other special offers. And though larger retail studios may entice you to walk through their doors with the promise of an inexpensive "package”, this offer usually includes their lowest tier, lackluster, self-assembled album of comprised of considerably less pages/photos than an independent photographer’s comparable product that the studio anticipates you’ll upgrade to meet the level of popular consumer spending averages which compels their bottom line: a compounded and generalized service with additional products offered based on an average of volume sales.



Photographers hired by larger retail studios earn a fraction of the larger studio’s profit forcing these photographers to often also hold a full time job which may not prove as beneficial to the client as an independent photographer honing their craft constantly. These retail studio freelance photographers are usually new to the industry and utilize the opportunity to work for larger retail studios as they practice their profession while perhaps continuing their education. Most successful, established independent wedding photographers have sought their apprenticeships previously and finished their primary education prior to gambling with not only their reputations but their client’s memories as well. While an independent photographer’s livelihood and continued success relies heavily on loyal customer referrals, larger retail studios more often than not focus on their bottom line - quantity often over quality.