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"How To Have The Most Magical, Romantic, And Emotional Wedding Day Of Your Dreams!"

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Thank you for checking out this website. And congratulations on your engagement! Now, let's guarantee you have a fantastic and romantic wedding day - full of love, emotion and beauty! (Believe it or not, that does take some planning!)

This web-page is not for every Bride To Be...is it for you?

If you are looking to have an "average" wedding - one that is stressful and not very organized, one where the guests hardly get to see you, one where you are so exhausted that you can hardly smile. One where it seems like you're constantly putting out "fires" and solving emergencies. One where "so many things just went wrong"...?

No, of course not. But that's what happens so often. If you're a bride who wants her wedding to be PERFECT, and the most romantic, beautiful and emotional day of your life; if you want to enjoy every minute of your day; if you want to be the most ravishingly beautiful bride your friends and relatives have ever seen; if you want to spend wonderful, quality time with your guests; if you want to remember with happy tears in your eyes all the love, emotion and joys of the day...

Then this is going to be one of the most informative websites you've ever gone to!

My name is Craig Furze, and I LOVE to photograph weddings! I photographed my first one in 1982. Today together with my friend and fellow photographer John Aitkin, we've been photographing them for a few years now - not because we have to for the money, (We have a successful portrait photography business that makes us a comfortable living) but rather because we WANT to, because we love the emotion and romance of your wedding.

Here's How To Have The Most Magical, Romantic, And Emotional Wedding Day Of Your Dreams!

You want your wedding to be a wonderfully emotional and romantic day. You want to have everything go smoothly and perfectly, You want to have a great time. You wantto see all your guests, and have them also have a fun time. Well, here's how to do it:

Here's 7 Secrets To Having The Wedding Of Your Dreams!